Evelyn Watkins Moore Heritage Museum
The Evelyn Watkins Moore Heritage Room is located at the McKellar Community Centre. The entrance is at the back of the building beside the Post Office and facing Armstrong Lake near the covered rink.

The room holds many artifacts, displays, and archival material, including family trees and historical articles.

Visit the Heritage Room to browse, follow a self-guided tour, or request a guided tour. (To book a time to visit the Museum, please call the Township Office at 705-389-2842)

The Heritage Room is always looking for artifacts that might be loaned for display. Please contact the Historical Committee for more details on the process.
Historical Committee

Preserving the Past in the Present for the Future

Collecting, Preserving & Displaying Artifacts and Historical Information & Documents


The McKellar Historical Committee is a committee under the Township of McKellar Council.  The Historical Committee seeks to preserve the history of McKellar and provide education on the cultural legacy of the Township.

The McKellar Historical Committee meets monthly on the first Wednesday of the month at 3:30 p.m. in McKellar Township Council Chambers.


Historical Committee Members:

Mike Kekkonen: Council Representative
Vivian Moore: Chairperson
Irva Stewart: Secretary
Joyce Hopkins
Carolyn Phillips


Other ongoing projects:

Historical Websites, Walking Tour Booklet of McKellar Village, Collection of Barn Histories and Photos, McKellar Elders Tablebook, Gathering and Digitizing McKellar Stories, Driving Tour, Disseminating Information – Special Events, Genealogy Workshop, Heritage Christmas Pageants, Anniversary Celebrations, Pioneer School Days, Doors Opens, Displays at Various Events.

 Timeline of Early Settlement in McKellar
 McKellar and the Great War
The Great War, or as we now term it, World War I, was a turning point for Canadian nationalism and identity. Soldiers left as colonial troops and returned as Canadians. And while away, those soldiers and their efforts were supported by a dedicated effort on the home front. 

The Township of McKellar was not hugely populated at the outbreak of war in 1914, however the people of the area still managed to make substantial contributions in troops, funds, and supplies. 

Those soldiers recruited from McKellar Township are as follows:
  • George Angst
  • Robert Ball
  • Charles Cook
  • Ronald Canning
  • Lloyd Canning
  • John Corkan
  • Robert N. Crawford†
  • Ronald Crawford
  • Addison Fenton
  • George F. Fenton†
  • James 'Jim' B. Fenton†
  • William Harvey
  • Clarence 'Clare' O. Harvey†
  • St. Clair 'Sonny' Harris
  • John Hardie†
  • Andrew Hardie
  • Sherman Irwin†
  • Robert McEachern
  • Clifford O'Hara
  • William A. Thompson
  • L. Franklyn Teneycke†
  • Edgar Teneycke

† Died in combat overseas

In 1914, Council created a Patriotic Fund, whereby each member of Council collected oats, potatoes, goods, and funds for the war effort. The Reeve coordinated the delivery of the shipment from Waubamic. In total, the Council collected 74 bags of oats, 145 bags of potatoes, and $60.50, as well as one bag of carrots and a 50 lb. tub of butter. 

In 1916, the Reeve, Herb Thompson, attended a meeting in Scotia for the purpose of outfitting the 162nd Battalion (pictured above marching through Sundridge). The Township paid $60 to the Parry Sound War Auxiliary to aid in equipping this battalion.

After the 11 November, 1918 signing of the Armistice, the Kaiser was burned in effigy in the town square and a celebration was held. School and church bells clamoured out the victory. The returning soldiers were treated to a banquet at the Agricultural Hall upon their return. 

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