McKellar Township's Lake Stewardship and Environmental Committee was created to pursue a mission of fostering environmental awareness, understanding and appreciation in order to protect and sustain our municipality’s abundant natural resources, which enhance quality of life for our residents and seasonal visitors. 

 Stewardship and Environmental Committee


1. To ensure we preserve our #1 priorities of our lakes and the ecology of life in our community.

2. To investigate ways and means of resolving water quality issues and preserving the nature environment.

3. To review the Township’s Official Plan, existing municipal documents and stewardship plans, and the Biosphere’s State of the Bay Report.

4. To engage the public at large through public meetings.

5. To advise and make recommendations to Council on matters pertaining to water quality and preserving the beauty of our surroundings within one year.


• Fish habitat and stocking of lakes

• Water Levels

• Boater Safety – speed, wakes, policing

• Renters

• Pesticides

• Water testing

• Logging

• Septic Systems

• Lack of loons

• Geese

• Wild Rice




Lake Testing for E. coli - July 2022

Links to Special Webinars

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Plant One Tree for McKellar



"If everyone plants a native tree every year for six years, we will have effectively revived the global forest and stopped climate change in its tracks."
Diana Beresford-Kroeger

Our mission is to encourage the planting of trees to help the Earth revive.  We are taking up the challenge for McKellar to encourage the planting of one native tree per person per year for six years to help Mother Nature repair herself one community at a time.