West Parry Sound Recreation and Cultural Centre Pool Committee

The Wellness Centre & Pool Committee (WCPC), is composed of an appointed Mayor/Reeve or Council member from each of the seven West Parry Sound area municipalities.  The WCPC makes recommendations for adoption by each member municipality.


A Steering Committee is composed of the seven West Parry Sound area municipal Chief Administrative Officers/Clerks and reports to the WCPC. 


A Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) is composed of fifteen members of the public bringing different skills sets and expertise. The CAC reports to the Steering Committee.


The firm CS&P Architects were the successful proponents on an RFP for undertaking the ‘due diligence’ work regarding:

  • site selection
  • understanding what the community’s needs are
  • estimating capital costs based on those needs
  • servicing costs and a business plan to address operating costs once it is built.
Up-to-Date Information:

The next virtual meeting of the WPS Recreation & Cultural Centre Board is scheduled for tomorrow at 7:00 pm. As usual, the meeting will be live streamed and recorded.


You can access the link to post the agenda from the Town’s website calendar. https://calendar.parrysound.ca/Council/Detail/2022-06-28-1900-West-Parry-Sound-Recreation-and-Cultural-Centre-Bo


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