For By-laws not listed below:
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Procedural By-law 2023-08

By-law No. 2019-36 - Being a By-law to Adopt a Strategic Asset Management Policy

Accountability and Transparency Policy By-law 2013

Code of Conduct By-law 2023-54

Code of Conduct for Building Officials 2024-19

Conflict of Interest Policy for All Township Employees By-law 2024-01

 By-law Enforcement

ATV By-law 2015

Tree Canopy Policy By-law 2019-12

To Licence Trailers in the Municipality By-law 94-17

Prohibit Depositing of Snow on Township Roads By-law 2017-34

Fires and Open Burning By-law 2019-24

Updated Fire and Open Burning By-law 2023-53

Fireworks By-law 2019-22

Noise By-law 2012 Revised for Attorney General

Parking By-law
and Amendments

Sign By-law 2004-17


Cemetery By-law 2012 As Approved by Ministry

By-law 2023-45 Amend Cemetery By-law - Cemetery Fees & Charges


Budget By-law 2019

Budget By-law 2020-23

Procurement By-law 2019-44

Donation/Grant Policy By-law 2019-56

 Planning/Zoning and Official Plan

To Authorize the Execution of an Agreement of Purchase of Sale of Land By-law 2020-16

Comprehensive Zoning By-law 95-12

Schedule A By-law 95-12

Schedule B By-law 95-12

 Public Works/Roads

Transfer Station By-law 2023-55


By-law to set minimum standards for the Construction of new roads, and for the upgrading and maintenance of existing Municipal roads in the Township of McKellar By-law 2022-24